March Madness Anticipation

The month of March is here and at our home this month carries with it a lot of anticipation.

March lures us to venture outside from our winter hibernation with its tempting hints of spring. Even though our common sense tells us these “spring like” days will be quickly replaced with another snow storm any moment. We turn a blind eye to the snow shovel leaning in the corner of our garage as we wander outdoors and rub the winter sleep from our eyes.

March brings on “March Madness” when my husband eats drinks and breathes basketball. Yelling at the television, jumping up and down while pumping your fist in the air and doing the “happy dance” are all accepted behavior.

It sends me into early Spring cleaning and sorting. I tackle my least favorite chore, cleaning the window blinds. While I clean each blind I peer out at the blue sky and the grass peeking through the melting snow. I easily drift into a dream like state as I picture backyard barbeques just around the corner.

March also brings with it one of our favorite activities. Bike riding! A couple of years ago we bought ourselves custom bicycles for our anniversary present. I went all retro, with white wall tires, fenders, a basket (not pictured)and even a little bell. My husband kept his sleek and sporty and only added a wire holder for a water bottle. We can’t wait to get our wheels turning. It’s healthy, it’s fun and it’s eco friendly!

As I bask in the 45˚-50˚ weather I know that a storm is brewing and the lake will remain frozen a bit longer and the blanketed mountains will stay white a bit longer too. But, my optimism and desire for spring stay strong in anticipation for Spring.

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