The Wishing Fountain

A weekend trip to the country brought me to a park with a wishing fountain. I looked into the blue water and was pleasantly surprised to see so many coins, most of them quarters. With gasoline still sky high and food prices as high as ever, it was nice to see that people will still take time to make a wish. Of course wishes used to only cost a penny. I’ve always been a bit superstitious; I will avoid walking under ladders (that just makes sense anyway). I always throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it.Sometimes over both, better safe than sorry I always say. There are a few others too, wishing on a star and coins in the fountain are two more that I believe in.

I foraged through the black abyss I call a purse and hunted for loose coins. Several empty gum wrappers, expired coupons, and a lipstick I thought I’d lost; all came out in one scoop. There buried among the wrappers I found it, one shiny quarter! I sat down on the edge of the fountain and began to contemplate this possibly life changing wish I was about to make. What shall I wish for? I ran through all of the top twenty favorites; world peace, health and happiness, feed the hungry, help the poor, stop wars, and so on. You see, I take the whole wish process very seriously. After reaching my decision I tossed the coin over my shoulder and it landed with a plop among the others in the fountain.

What did I wish for? I’ll never tell. I hope you'll never stop wishing. Just remember, be careful what you wish for, you may surely get it!

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ourgreatgreenglobe said...

I always hope that I never loose the faith that wishing might actually make it come true!

Alexander M Zoltai said...

If a Wish is given the wings of Faith and the compass of Volition, Dreams become Reality...

~ Alex from Our Evolution