Current Economy

There are a great many challenges facing people during the current recession. Large established businesses are forced to cut back and lay off. Small business owners are shutting their doors and many of us are finding ourselves without employment for the first time after many years. The straining economy is forcing us to find creative new ways to make money, and more and more adults are changing career paths or attending school.

For those of you not effected by the current shift in the economy.

Please reach out to those you can help.

Make frequent purchases from small businesses whenever possible.

Buy handmade items instead of mass produced items from overseas.

Find a way to bring joy to someone who is feeling lost

Donate to your local food bank.

Hire new employees or provide job sharing programs if your business is still thriving.

All of us must look inward and upward for strength and patience. Possibilities are all around us. Try and stay positive. New challenges provide us with new opportunities.

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Margaret said...

Hi Katie,
Loved your blog,
I'm also a holder of dual citizenship of UK/USA and similar in age to you!
I teach TriYoga and meditation now and admired the way you encouraged people to do what they can to help others at this time.
In yoga, that act of selflessness goes a long way in helping many.
I can be reached through my blog at