Recession Garden

I think nothing taste better than biting into a fresh, juicy, sun warmed ,tomato picked right off of the vine. The juice and seeds run down my chin and I do a little dance maneuver to avoid having it all pool onto the front of my shirt. It tastes even better when the vine is in my own yard.
One of my favorite things (gardening) has become a necessity for many as a direct result of our current economy. The term “recession garden” has sprouted and is growing across the US. People are planting gardens in pots on balconies, amongst their flower beds, and along their fences. Even those with very limited space have vegetables growing upside down from pots hanging on hooks.
Lines to buy dirt, seeds, and seedlings are long and optimism is high as people plant vegetable and fruit gardens wherever possible. Many are planting gardens for the very first time. No, you do not need to have a green thumb to plant a garden. Mine is partially green and partially brown. But, what you do need is a little bit of money, plenty of patience, good soil, sunlight and water.
Growing organic is easy when it’s your own garden, and no need to worry about salmonella when you’re the one who planted the seeds. It is hard work and can bring on back aches and blisters. But, the end result is both frugal and delicious.
I encourage you to dig in, get dirt under your nails, and share your harvest this season.

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Carol said...

What great blog. I love tomatoes right out of the garden and most of the time the tomato doesn't make it into the house. Smile. I can't wait for my home grown tomato

ShoppingKharma said...

Well at least people are becoming more self sufficient and not wasting as our predecessors often did. These new changes will be changes for all of us. I think it's for the better. We could even pay for city services like composting to reduce landfill space and providing for those who are gardening.

Before I forget, I nominated your blog for a Creative Award: