15 items Or Less

I made my weekly trip to the market early this morning. My arms were filled with my well worn cloth reusable tote bags. My hand gripped tightly to the list which coordinates with the shop aisles. I walked towards the thousands of carts parked in rows at the front door and I grasped tightly to the handle of the first one in line. I pulled. But, it would not free itself from the death grip attachment it had with the thousands of other carts tightly stacked behind it. I moved to the next row and tried again, with the same result. “Are they welded together?” I wondered to myself, as I tugged hard again. It was freed! I tossed my tote bags into the cart and forged ahead. I pushed my cart towards the left of the store and my cart went right. Yes, I had the cart with the wonky wheel. Did I want to return it to the welded pile of carts? Or did I want to fight my way through the store only going in one direction? I choose the challenge and just thought that I was grateful it didn't squeak.
I made my way through the store using my list as a map. I managed to move rather quickly considering I couldn't make any left turns. I completed my mission and soon I was waiting patiently in line at the checkout. I looked down the row of checkout stands all with their lights turned off and no one working there. I stood behind ten or so people each with carts filled to the top and looked over at the checker working under the "15 items or less" sign. She was standing there bored silly, reading the covers of the magazines stacked in the racks in front of her. I glanced down at my cart and looked to her with a, "perhaps you won’t mind if I come over" look. She grined and shrugged her shoulders, while pointing at the “15 items or less” sign. After a while I began to occupy myself while I waited. I read candy wrappers, and the front covers of the celebrity gossips magazines. I noticed my envelope filled with coupons peeking out of my purse and I begin to organize my coupons by color, then by price. I tried to start a conversation with the gentlemen ahead of me only to discover that he had his music buds in his ears.

It was finally my turn at the checkout and I placed my items according to shape onto the conveyor belt. I do this so the bagger can place items into my tote bags with less effort. It helps me too, I hate it when I unpack my groceries and find my eggs on the bottom of the bag beneath the cans of soup. I watched as the bagger took random things from my well organized groups of groceries, and placed them into different bags as the checker slid them along the conveyor belt. He put each tote into a new cart. I stood there with a smile on my face as I handed the checker my coupons, paid my bill and re-bagged a few things. I pushed forward on the new cart and it went in the right direction! My smile was beaming as I made my way out of the store, squeak, squeak, squeak……………………….

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Lin said...

I use those reusable knit bags--that is when I remember to get them out from under the seat of my car. Yeah, saving the Earth--only part of the time.

Anonymous said...

I too, can only get the squeaky carts. Great story!

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, I am often faced with the same problem and wonder who is watching, so I don't kick the cart, swear under my breath, I just keep trying till I unlodge one and head for the rows. Such small tramas are big one these day. Love to have your company in the fight for the cart.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

I can't believe you had to wait. Too tight on the rules!