Spontaneous Adventure

My husband and I treasure our spontaneous road trips. Fishing, picnics, trips to the lakes, and mountains, all on a moment’s notice. I’m a big planner and list maker, so spontaneous trips are a big deal for me. Grab and go…. no list! Just throw some things in the car and hit the road. This can on occasion send me into a bit of a spin. I value our time together and any opportunity to make memories so I just go with the flow.
A recent spontaneous fishing trip soon became an adventure when we found ourselves driving along a winding road through a migratory bird refuge. We were excited about the prospect of seeing some unusual birds. Unfortunately, the birds were scarce. The 93 ˚ heat of the day most likely kept them in the cool underbrush and marshes. The muddy Bear River was overflowing with what I can only describe as mutant carp. Hundreds of them swimming together and fighting the current as they moved up the muddy river.

We did manage to see a few birds and to make a few friends .

Remember, life is full of adventures. Some we make for ourselves, and others we find ourselves in. No matter how the adventure begins, enjoy it, make memories, take lots of photos, leave the lists behind and laugh as often as you can.

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Kat955 said...

Katie, Thanks so much for sharing your life, so full of adventure!
I am grateful to know you and welcome to read more of your blogs.
Keep writing...you have a beautiful way of putting your thoughts and feelings on the page.
love, Katherine

Duni said...

Hi Katie!
I love going on walks with my hubby! It's so peaceful and I treasure the time I get to spend with him.

Katie, I have passed a couple of awards on to you. Please feel free to visit my blog anytime to come pick them up!

have a great day,