The Dirty Dozen

The 'Dirty Dozen' of Fruits and Vegetables
Eating healthy always includes lots of fruits and vegetables, right? Well, did you know there are 12 fruits and vegetables that are actually higher than others in pesticide residue? They can have as many as 9 different pesticides on them! Apples -Bell peppers -Celery -Cherries -Nectarines -Strawberries -Kale -Lettuce -Imported grapes -Carrots and Pears .

Actually it's not just pesticides we need to watch out for. All fruits and vegetables go through a lot of hands from harvest to your local market. They were picked, handled by several different hands in the fields, and the orchards. Handled again by several different hands at the warehouses, and handled again in your local market. Not just by the people who stock the aisles, but also by all the people who come through the market and touch them.

To avoid pesticides you can buy your fruits and vegetables in the organic section at your market. I think it’s important to also list the “Clean 15” they are : Onion- Avocado - Sweet Corn - Pineapple - Mango - Asparagus - Sweet Peas - Kiwi - Cabbage - Eggplant - Papaya - Watermelon -Broccoli - Tomato - Sweet Potato .

No matter where you get your fruits and vegetables they all need to be washed well before peeling, cutting, or cooking. Unless you have grown the produce yourself and know it is chemical free. Cold running water and scrubbing with a vegetable brush is usually sufficient. Peel the outer layer of lettuce, leeks, etc. and discard before washing. If you are still in doubt, wash then peel the fruit or vegetable, or wash with a soapy mixture under running water and rinse well. Or you can use a premade vegetable wash. Even pre-packaged, pre-washed vegetables should be washed under a cold running water rinse before using.
Stay healthy and yes, it’s still very important to eat your fruits and vegetables!

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So interesting post! Is the solution to eat organics fruits and vegetables only? Thank you for sharing this information. Best wishes!

Il Mare Atelier said...

Hi Katie, thanks for sharing this! I never knew before.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

I love the dirty dozen post I as a HUGE proponent for Organic. You avoid all the nasties! No matter what you cannot get those pesticides out of the meats of the fruits and veggies.