Candy Canes

Candy Canes

The candy cane, it’s one of Christmas’s “fun foods” you can eat it, decorate with it , put pipe cleaner antlers on it, and lick it until your tongue turns red. It’s one of the “sweetest Symbols, of the holidays.

Candy canes came from the creative minds of European choirmasters, who bent candy sticks into the shape of shepherd hooks to present to children attending the Crèche ceremonies. Candy canes came to America in the 1900’s and a few red stripes were added to the peppermint sticks. I’ve often heard that the three red stripes represent the Holy Trinity. What have you heard? I’ve also heard that the hard candy represents the solid foundation of the church and the peppermint flavor represents the hyssop used by Jesus for purification.

So now you know a little something about the candy cane. It’s not just a fresh breath making treat, or a delicious holiday decoration, it’s symbolic too!

Remember the reason for the season.

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philly5113 said...

candy canes are one of my favorites for the season. I use them for many things: decorations, party favors and just give aways. I didnt know the history or background. Thanks for the lesson.

cindi said...

Thank you o much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. We just shared the candy cane story with AWANA children at my church on Thursday. We also let them know that the white represents Christ's sinless nature and the red stripes for His blood that was shed to save us from sin. Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers. I have grabbed your button for my blog. Merry Christmas!