Vogue Spring Issue

I’m about half way through my Vogue Spring Issue. The one with the hilarious Tina Fey on the cover, and I feel bad. Yes, bad…I feel bad for my mail carrier, she must hate me every month when my nine, yes nine, magazine subscriptions arrive all at once.

As I turn the pages of the issue filled with “Haute Couture” aka “hot” clothes, or clothes I could never wear, but do drool over. I thought I’d jot down a few observations about this issue.

1st- I think Vogue should come with a tissue for dabbing the drool from your chin.

2nd -The ad for Dior features a model that resembles the incredible film actress Katherine Hepburn. I am a huge classic film fan. I recently uploaded a video to youtube featuring classic film stars…but I digress..

3rd -As I slowly turn each page, devouring each ad as if it were nourishment for a fantasy life. I come across the David Yurman ad, the model is wearing aviator sunglasses. Aviators are back! Oh how I loved mine and don’t guys look great in them, swoon… I sure wish I would have kept mine…..sigh

4th- After moving further along I arrive at the Donna Karan and Anne Taylor ads. Be still my heart, I love these designers, their designs scream “I am woman! “. Donna Karan’s cologne cashmere mist is one of my favorites too, so feminine.

5th- It cannot go unnoted that 95% of the models in the ads do not smile. Which I think is silly because, look what they’re wearing, and doing for a living. There’s nothing somber about that. Why don’t the designers encourage the photographers to have the models look as if they enjoy wearing all of these fabulous things? Instead most of them look like their dog just died…..

Okay, I’ll stop on the Jones New York signature collection ad, another favorite of mine. The model is lying in a hammock wearing a fabulous hat and gorgeous outfit, and I think she even appears a bit happy about it.

Do you read Vogue? What do you think about the ads?

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Jane said...

hi, i have an award for you...please do check y latest post

Lin said...

I don't. In fact, it seems like I don't read magazines anymore--I just don't make the time. But I like to browse through them at the hair salon.

John Sealander said...

I love Vogue! A lot of guys wouldn't admit to even looking at this magazine, but if you're a photographer, it's simply a must read. I used to shoot catalog fashion for a large photo studio and every time a new Vogue arrived it would be dog-eared within a matter of hours, as the studio shooters went through the magazine page-by-page looking for new ideas. The photography in the magazine has always been fabulous. Vogue hires the world's best fashion photographers and the work displayed in the magazine could hang in any gallery. Any aspiring Richard Avedon or Helmut Newton could learn a lot by reading Vogue on a regular basis.

cindi said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for including me in your favorites. How sweet of you! I'm dying to look at the new Vogue but have been so busy lately. Things should slow down some next week though... I hops so anyway.

J said...

i dont really read vogue, maybe once in a while! but yes models shuld smile more! :)

julietk said...

Thank you for adding me to your following list. I will exspore your blog in more depth when i have time :-) I do love to look at vogue magazine when I get the chance, The photo shoots are always stunning. Re smileing I think some people do not look their best when smiling ( I find myself grimacing when told to smile) maybe the photographers find the moody look better for showing bone structure etc. But I agree if I was getting paid to wear those fashions I would be happy about it :-D