Easter Cupcake Bumble Bees

This Easter Decorate your cupcakes too
with these easy to make Bumblee Bees.

Tootsie Rolls
Yellow peanut M&M
Brown food marker ( or frosting pen)
Clear spice drop candies
Wax paper
Rolling pin

Lets make a bumble bee!
Tear off a piece of a Tootsie Roll and gently roll with your finger on a wax paper covered plate until you create a thin tootsie roll string. Wrap two pieces of tootsie roll string around a yellow Peanut M&M for body of bee. Draw two dots for eyes using brown food pen or brown icing pen. To make the wings, roll out clear spice drop candies and cut out a 1⁄2-inch circle. Cut circle in half and attach each half by pressing into the front band of Tootsie Roll on the body of the bee. Place on cakes, cupcakes, etc.


julietk said...

Very sweet decoration, thank you for sharing.

J said...

super cute!! i love it! i'll need to try that

Dori said...

These are so cute!

Please stop by my blog. I have something there for you :)

Carol said...

Years ago, I would have run right out and get the ingredients. But today I just love the creativity of it all.

Anonymous said...

So cute and yummy looking! :O)

Mandy said...

I love these cupcakes! Thanks for finding & following my "someday" blog. Maybe I should add this idea to those!

I also have a personal craft bog at:

Mary Grace said...

These are ever so adorable. <3