It’s Tea Time

Tea parties have been in the news lately and Lady Gaga has single handedly made the tea cup and saucer a pop culture accessory. So, I’ve had tea on my brain. It’s already in my veins. I know I’ve written about teacup collecting in the past. But, today I’d like to share the joy of having a tea party. It’s a fun reason to dress up, get your friends together, and enjoy the delicious beverage that is TEA! I know coffee gets all the attention, flavored, frothy, foamy, latte, etc. But, today it’s all about tea!

Having a tea party is the perfect reason to bring out your fine china (why is it in your china cabinet?) Get dressed up and gather friends together. Tea is traditionally between 3pm and 6 pm. Keep in mind the later you have your party the bigger your meal should be. I prefer 3pm when finger sandwiches, cookies, scones with jam, fresh fruit, cheese, and cakes are perfect.

What you need to get your tea party ready for your guests ( these are just suggestions, use what you have):
Theme optional (themes are fun but not required. Just decide if it’s formal or informal)
Invitations (hand written send out about two weeks prior)
Fresh Flowers
Fine Linen
Tea Set with tea cups (borrow if you don’t have it, don't be afraid to mix and match)
Eating Utensils
Decorations; candles, theme, doilies, etc.
Tea ( if you don’t want to brew tea, have a selection of teas and fill the tea pot with boiling water)
Music (instrumental is nice)
Food (you decide, or use my suggestions above)
Parting gift *optional (I like to give tea cups (bought for the party) filled with candies, wrapped in colorful cello and tied with curling ribbon. It’s a nice way to end your party. Every time your friend drinks tea out of their cup they’ll remember your tea party.)

Set up your table about two hours before tea time and prepare your food. About 10 minutes before your guests arrive begin boiling the water and setting out the food. Once your guests arrive pour the boiling water into the teapot and let tea steep in the pot on the table. Serve and enjoy!

Please share your tea parties with me; I’d love to hear about them.

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Vintage Christine said...

I have so many pretty teacups/saucers including a complete set of Minton china that was Mom's wedding china (so it's OLD) but no one to have a tea party with! I do use the cups occasionally when I want to feel a little girly, though!

Carol said...

I love tea, in a tea cup. I am a little more modern because I don't use a saucer. Mostly because I have a nerve disorder that makes me shake. But love the feel of bone china in my hands and on my lips. Have a great day dear friend.

Createology said...

Your tea party sounds just lovely. I do so enjoy a cup of tea in a very pretty china cup and saucer. There is just something special about it and therefore I feel special. Thank you for sharing your "recipe" for a proper tea party. Happy tea drinking...

Whosyergurl said...

My favorite tea party is at my desk, in the a.m. Some days, it is the best part of my day. I love Constant Comment tea. I call it "Constant Comfort!" :-)
Hoosier hugs,

DORCAS said...

Good idea! I will have to do this now. Thanks for sharing!


hipchic~cynde said...

How fun to have a tea party. I love drinking tea...I just never take the time to make it special!
I love what you have done with your blog. I have been away for a couple weeks, we had some deaths in our family. I have missed reading my blogs though.

Rebecca said...

Ahh alas a fellow tea drinker. I love tea parties. I'm the scone maker among other tea treats. Ususally I host tea parties in order to have the single, childless ladies over in a small group. It's lots of fun and we giggle away as we sip our tea. Girl time just couldn't be more fun. Ha and I actually put out there that no coffee is aloud during our tea time.
Great post!

Chatty Crone said...

I love tea too and I hadn't been to a tea party in years - then in February I was invited to one and had a ball - then last week went to a tea house for high tea.

Learning about tea all over again.


ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

You seem really cool, so I've awarded you on my blog.

xx Blaize

little red hen said...

I think breakfast is the perfect excuse for bringing out the fine bone china. I have quite a collection of teacups most are in constant rotation. Only the most preciously sentimental ones- the ones hand painted by great aunt for my 18th (26years ago) live in the cabinet.
(Thanks for visiting my blog by the way.)

Dee said...

Sweet! I may have tea party with my grandaughter when she visits this summer. I use to collect tea pots but sold them all when we down sized and I miss them.:(

Cara Smith said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. My mother in law takes takes my daughter out for tea on the days she is out of school. They have a great time.

McVal said...

I have China in my hutch and a few teapots, but nothing official to be used as a tea set...
There are tea rooms around and I've been to luncheons there with friends. I would love to put together a tea party tho. What fun!
Hey - and thanks for the follow today!

Brian Miller said...

having boys of my own, i have missed getting to have tea parties mostly...but your tea party is a great analogy for making sure we take the time to get together with those that are important to us. smiles.

so tea it is!

Simply Suthern said...

Would there be any chance to get a tall glass of sweet iced tea at your party? It's the only way I take it. It is hard to find anywhere other than the Southeast, US. OK, I will take it in a teacup.

Nezzy said...

.....and a cottage garden is the perfect spot for a lovely tea party. Thanks for sharin' your recipe.

God bless ya and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

Melissa Miller said...

~Precious tea cups! We love tea as well and Lady Gaga. *Smiles*

It's so nice to meet you! Stop by and say Hello anytime. I look forward to it.

Have a blessed week. ~Melissa :)

Jenny said...

Lovely. My Grands adore teaparties!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Hi Katie, thanks for dropping in, leaving me a comment and becoming a follower! I am delighted to find you to and am returning the favour!

I am also a big fan of tea :-)

Adventures In China said...

Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the idea of tea parties- one of my favorite things to do back in the U.S. is have tea at a nice hotel.

My most memorable tea parties were in Chile, when my abuelita would make us come in from the beach to drink tea every afternoon at 4 pm. At least we got to keep our bathing suits on!

Chileans learned the tea custom from the British. Their tea is delicious!

Rita said...

Hi Katie,
thank you for becoming a follower of my blog.
Wow, your blog is quite something... you left me speechless as i love your style and your charm.
What a lovely tutorial on how to have the perfect tea party. Thank you, really needed it!
I adore tea and adore even more collecting mismatched bone china tea cups, teapots, sugar bowls... all that is tea related. Too bad i often let my treasures sit too long in my china cabinet without using them. Some of them are antique and I'm so afraid of damaging them. How foolish of me. beautiful things are made to be enjoyed. Aren't i right?
I've a thing for english and bavarian china with rose decor and I'm simply crazy about transferware and antique embroydered linens... that's all you need for the perfect tablescape for a nice teaparty with friends.
well my dear, won't go on annoying you with so much talking. Until our next visits I wish you a fab weekend ahead of you with a lot of your fave freshly brewed tea.

Lou said...

Ohhh what a lovely tea time post! and gorgeous blog too!
Lou xx

Rebecca said...

Lovin' tea and LOVIN' your sweet site. How have I missed it all this time????


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for your visit and signing up to follow. I love a tea party! As you may know, I host a tea party meme each Tuesday and I would love to have you join in, if you can. Just let me know in advance and I'll put your link on my post. Have a wonderful weekend.


Bob West said...

I enjoyed your blog. Very insightful
Hope you will find blessings on mine
Jesus Lives, Bob West

Kristin said... know how to inspire me! I definitely have to host a tea party soon!! Love your blog btw! Happy Saturday!

Kristin :)

Glenda said...

Hi, I just got around to following your blog. So cute.
I'd like to have that many followers...
have a lovely day.
glenda@serendipity cottage

Rita said...

This sounds like sooooooo much fun! My mom used to collect tea cups.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of pretty china.I lovee tea in it,so pretty and looks more yummy right??

Thanks for sharing this tea party advice.