Time Waits For No One

When I was young getting from one birthday to another felt as if several years were between them. The 365 days of the calendar had appeared to double or even triple while waiting to celebrate my next year. I longed to be older, a grown up, master of my own destiny! Now my birthdays have
grown closer together somehow. The holidays come quicker, seasons quickly change, years and events speed by. Where are those long 365 days of the
calendar? When did the world start speeding up? At age 30? 40? Is this why we need to make popcorn in 2 minutes in the microwave instead of 10 minutes in a
pot on the stove? Is this why we live in a world filled with quick and hurry? Is this why we have speedy service, drive through instead of sit down restaurants, microwaves that cook a whole meal in 30 seconds? Is it because time is speeding up?On Tuesday we will celebrate our daughters 30th birthday ( she's about
2 in this photo).We will sing and cheer along with her and our five grandchildren. We will make her day special. But, how can I have a 30 year old daughter? It was only yesterday when I was being rushed to the hospital choking on the ash of the Mount St Helen’s eruption. I was eager and anxious, my nine “long” months of pregnancy and preparation were about to be realized with the birth of my child. Now my child sits in front of me draped by the loving arms of my five beautiful grandchildren and she is complaining about the passing of time.

Time and the perception of time, it’s something we all seem to have in common……… So, celebrate, make memories, and savor every moment, every experience, and every breath. Make good choices and live your best life.
The clock is ticking and time is passing quickly………………………..

Find joy in every quick passing moment and thank you for passing your time with me.Katherine

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Karen said...

This was a wonderfully reflective post! My oldest son turned 30 this past week so I can totally relate...seems like yesterday I was turning 30....

Kittie Howard said...

Thank you for a beautiful post that touches so much for ohhh how I can relate! I sometimes look at grown "kids" with kids of their own and wonder how this happened. For awhile the clock seemed to have stopped and they were young forever, then, poof! they're grown and in life where my hub and I were, but we're still rarin' to go, as if the calendar hadn't moved....

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Time does speed up as one grows older. Not sure who's behind this conspiracy!

Laura PARING DOWN said...

So true! My oldest will be 25 in August. Ack!!!!

That's probably why I'm looking for ways to simplify and slow gets blurry, it's passing so fast!

Happy Saturday,

Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine, thanks for becoming a follower. I sure understand your thoughts and words about time flying. I can't believe we just celebrated our Golden anniversary. Our wedding day 50 years ago is still just as fresh and exciting as if it were yesterday. So glad to get to know you. blessings.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Such a precious age!

p.s. I am having a Sephora giveaway if you are interested. xo

The Empress said...

The older you get, the more quickly the seasons go.

It's already almost summer, and another year where my children have grown too much for my taste.

Excellent post. Thank you.

S. Etole said...

I grew up close to the Mt. St. Helens area and remember the beauty of the state. It was hard to believe that many years have passed since the eruption. Yes, each moment is precious.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

my "baby" is graduating next month . So all 3 of our sons will be grown ups. my older 2 sons are 23, and almost 21. I know what you are saying in this post.

poison_ivy777 said...

That is a beautiful post and reminder. Thanks for following me! After checking out your blog I'll now be following you too.

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

very well spoken! I totally agree with you time does fly

Mimi said...

Thank you for becoming a follower of mine, I hope I do not let you down!!!!When my oldest child a daughter turned 30 last fall, I said that was 10 times worse then me saying I turned 50 a few years back!!!I have a child who is 30!!!!Makes me sound so old!!!!Saying I am 50 does not sound that old, who am I kidding, to a 20 something it is old, but when you tell people you have a 30 year old, they assume I had her at 25 or older and I did not!!!!So I totally understand!!!!My daughter has 1 daughter who shall be two any day now!!!!!It has flown by as well, oh how I wish I could slow time down, I am going to add that to my Prayer list, Please Lord let the years go by a bit slower,nice to meet you Katherine!!!
My sister lives in Washington state, I was just there in Feb and her and I went to Vancouver to the Olympics!!!!
pop back in and visit me!!!!

GrammyGoo said...

Thanks for following my blog....I can so relate to this post ... Our daughter will be 31 next month and I cannot believe how fast that time as gone. I remember turning Thirty and thinking I was sooo old, Forty was a breeze I am nearing 50 , not quite sure how I am feeling....Happy to be alive for sure ;-) ! Enjoying the Grand-children.
Blessings, Ella

MosaicMagpie said...

I came over to check out your blog, we just fixed pasta for dinner and I should have read your previous post beforehand. Lovely site I will enjoy visiting. Debbie

Gypsy Heart said...

Such true words! It all goes by so fast and yes, we should treasure each moment, each experience. Thank you for such a lovely reminder!

Brightest blessings,

Sheri said...

Hi Katherine. What a beautiful post. I know the feeling. I now have three grandchildren from my only son. He grew up so quick -- he's 29. But oh how I cherish the grandchildren.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

Kitty Moore said...

I couldn't agree more - time is speeding past these days..

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

Hi Katherine, I'm also a grandmother of two. As I watch our daughter hold her two precious boys (ages 1 & 2), sometimes it seems like just a short time ago that she was that age.
By the way, thanks for participating in Friendly Friday and for following me on GFC. I'm following you now, too. :)

organize-n-mama said...

I have learned to be a great daughter, mother, and friend by having you by my side. You are amazing. Lots of love.
Your Daughter :O)

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Wow, Tiffany, what a lovely surprise to find a comment from you here,( I didn't know you read my blog). I love you, Mom xo

Lynn Stevens said...

An excellent post. It does feel like time is speeding up with each passing year. My son turned 25 yet it feels like just yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital. No Grandkids yet. Hopefully someday!
Thanks for the reminder to cherish each day and live it to its fullest!Time really is a gift!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi Katherine, I am so glad we have found each other...I have become another of your many followers.
You have a very interesting blog...LOTS of great information here. Will be back often I am sure.
Isn't being a grandmother the very best thing in the whole wide world ?
We have grown grandchildren now..and would not mind a set of GREAT grandchildren any old time they would like to make my life even more complete.

Your "newest friend ",

( from Texas)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OPPS...sorry...never did address the real point of your post...YES, oh yes the years go switftly by.
I am now 72...and it seems like only last week my children were running around on their little bikes and playing with their dolls and I was wondering if I was ever going to be anything but the mother of " 3 little kids"...
WELL....POOF !! I am now the grandmother of 3 GROWN grandkids.
And am proud to say I have accomplished a number of things I can be proud of in my life...but I still don't like being an "empty nester"...the second time around it even worse. ( with the grandkids having all moved out on their own now. )

Yep...all of it goes WAY TOO FAST.