Spooky Halloween Superstitions

Halloween is on Sunday and a lot of you are preparing for trick or treaters and spooky Halloween parties. Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays. But, I do decorate a little bit and we always have treats for the tick or treaters. Of course I make up goodie bags for our grandchildren too.
I thought this was the perfect opportunity to blog about superstitions. Yes, I am a little superstitious. If I spill salt I always toss a bit over my shoulder. Well both shoulders, better safe than sorry. During the Middle Ages salt was a very expensive commodity and was widely used for medicinal purposes. If you were to spill any salt, you were then to immediately throw it over your left shoulder to strike the nasty spirits in the eye, thus preventing sickness.
A few simple explanations for some popular superstitions:
Knocking on wood- Long ago it was believed that wood sprites lived in the wood (trees). When in need of some good luck, someone make a wish to a tree and then touched the bark, representing the first "knock." The second "knock" was to say "thank you." Knocking on the wood was often thought of as a source for protection. Did you know you are always supposed to knock from the bottom of the wood to top so you don’t knock the luck out?
Breaking a mirror- It was once believed that a person’s reflection in a mirror represented their soul. If you were to break that reflection, it would then be harmful to your soul.
Don’t’ walk under a ladder-Now I think this is just common sense. But, long ago the triangle was considered a symbol of life. Walking through any triangular shape (like a ladder leaning against a wall) was considered to be tempting one's fate.
Black cat crosses your path- In the Middle Ages; it was believed that black cats were witches companions. After seven years the cats turned into witches, devils or demons. No one wanted to cross paths with a witch or a demon.
Important note- did you notice that all of these superstitions started long ago? Curious why there are no new ones. You should be laughing by now.

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Happy Halloween Everyone 


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

FUN post! Loved reading about all the superstitions! I hope you have a Happy Halloween!!!

Liesl :)

Aimee said...

I liked reading about the orgins of superstitions... I am a bit superstitious. I always knock on wood and I don't say "thank goodness I never did blank or im so happy that blank didnt happen"

I have a ton of superstitions that are sports related (i.e. washing my jersey after my team loses).

Happy halloween

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I hadn't heard the origin of knocking on wood before.

Sherri said...

Great post! My Maternal Grandmother was the queen of superstitions! Have a great Halloween!

Karen said...

I didn't know that about the wood. I'm not superstitious, but those are so interesting.

The Girlie Blog said...

Great stuff to know. Happy Halloween!

Aries said...

Well my mum used to say "touch wood" when she mentioned something bad and does not want that to happen to her and it had become a habit with my family. Happy Halloween to you and family

coolblogger said...

this is an interesting post.
Indian beliefs:
If u spill salt- then u r going to fall in debt.
Cat cross - Again , it denotes bad message and if anyone is starting out and see a cat cross they go back in and drink a cup of water and start again...:)

Poetic1too said...

Your so creative, I only wish I had an ounce of your talent! God Bless.


Something Special said...

Your blog is so fun. Please visit me at my other creative blog. The one you became a follower to is my family blog. I think you might enjoy Something Special

Carol said...

I am like you. I only do Halloween because the kids love it so much. I am not superstitious at all. But loved reading the superstitions that are so easy to get into. Thanks and have a great Halloween.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a great post! This is my first visit to your blog and I've really enjoyed it. I love trick-o-treaters, but sadly we live in a rural area with no sidewalks and if we get 5 kids it's a big night! We are fortunate to also have a home in Maine near the shore, and we get tons of kids! But we can't be there this weekend! If you'd like to "visit" me in New England, I love company and new Followers are always welcome. I enjoyed my visit today!

Heather said...

Hi, stopping by from the Saturday Stalk Blog Hop! Please feel free to stop by my blog :-) Thanks!


Dee said...

I did not realize some of things I do were from superstitions...i just adopted them from my childhood. A few, after I knew what they meant, I gave up. To be honest, I am not thrilled that Halloween is being celebrated on the Lords day.

2 Kids and a Coupon said...

Blog hopper here. I'm a new follower. Great Blog!

-Kim @ 2 Kids and a Coupon

Incipient Wings said...

I liked this,thank you!

Kat said...

I haven't been blog visiting much lately, but it's been nice "catching up" with you tonight.

BTW...Hope your birthday was a good one.