Dear Katie, A New Blog Feature,Remove Candle Wax

Many of you know that I have a website called Go Ask Katie. It was suggested to me recently that I should include some of my questions and answers here at Katherine's Corner too. So after giving it some thought I decided to start adding Dear Katie questions here once in a while. If you enjoy it then I will continue. It was difficult to select the first question. But, I decided on this one from the  House and Home Category 
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Dear Katie, We had a romantic candle light dinner last night. But candle wax dripped on my table cloth can you help?

Thanks Kathy

Dear Kathy, I know this may sound a bit silly. But, put the tablecloth in the freezer. The wax will freeze and it'll be easier to remove.

After a few hours. Take the tablecloth out of the freezer and using a plastic spoon or another dull utensil gently begin to scrape away the frozen wax. It will most likely just start to crumble.

If some wax still remains you will do the opposite of freezing. Heat your iron to medium high setting and place a clean dry cloth on top of the wax ( a cloth you can throw away afterward). Place the cloth on top of the wax and gently run the iron over the the cloth moving the cloth a bit with each pass until the wax is soaked into the cloth. Be careful not to transfer the wax back onto the cloth.

Then spray with a spot remover and wash normally. This should work.

I hope you'll continue to have many romantic evenings, Katie


Allyson Pecilunas said...

Awesome! I love it. Thanks for the tip!

PoetessWug said...

I like this feature!...And that's a great tip about the wax too!

Odie Langley said...

That was great Katie & I hope you will show us more in the future.

Sherri said...

I did know that tip, it is a great one I've used it many, many times! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

So sending it to the dry cleaners and paying high fees isn't the only way to remove wax?

My Vicarious Life said...

Augh! I got candle wax on my mirror after blowing a candle out too forcefully. Any idea how to remove that?

Stacey said...

Great blog! Following you from Bloggy Moms. Would love to have you visit and follow back.
Come find out how to win a pair of Uggs!

Olga said...

Great tips! I like the idea of questions/answers here on your blog. Could be very useful.

Donna said...

It's always good to have new tips so thankyou...but really I enjoy just coming here for the ambiance and MUSIC!! Love it Katie!!

Sue said...

Ooh I love your blog. It has so many lovely things on it.

Love the tip about the candle. Thanks for that!

Sue xx

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love this idea to put the q and as up here. And what a genius idea to put it in the freezer. I'll be doing that!