Slow Cooker Corn and Shrimp Chowder

Yesterday's recipe had a rather luke warm reception. This slow cooker recipe is sure to be a hit!

What You Need
     4 cups   chicken broth
     4 cups corn (fresh or frozen kernels)
     1 medium onion (finely chopped)
     1 red bell pepper (seeded and diced)
     1/2 cup carrots (sliced thinly)
     2 russet potatoes (peeled and diced)
     1 bay leaf
     salt and pepper
     1 Lb.  Medium shrimp (peeled and de-veined)
     1/4 cup fresh parsley (chopped)
     slow Cooker
     blender  or food processor
Lets  Make It! In your slow cooker  combine chicken broth, corn, onion, bell pepper, carrots, potatoes, bay leaf, 1 cup water and 1 tsp. salt . Cover and cook on low until vegetables are tender, about 6 hours. Puree 3 cups of soup in a blender and return to slow cooker. Stir in shrimp. Cover and cook until shrimp are pink and firm about 10 to 15 minutes.  Season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with parsley and serve.

Katie’s Tid Bits* for a creamy soup add ½ a cup of heavy cream during the last five minutes the shrimp are cooking.


Natalie said...

Looks really good! I will have to try it out sometime!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Looks delicious, will give it a try,


Tammy said...

That sounds so delicious - I might have to make it this weekend. Yummo!!

Bossy Betty said...

Nom! Nom!

Odie Langley said...

My wife and MIL would love this one so much because anything with shrimp is a hit for them. Thanks and have a marvelous weekend.

PoetessWug said...

Yum! This looks good! I think I'll try this one. I love my crock pot! :-]

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now I'm hungry - and dinner is still three hours away!

Donna said...

Yum...looks great Katherine! I'm always in the market for a new recipe!!

Kat aka Beachkat said...

Sounds perfect for the rain day that has been predicted for us.

Hope your weekend is good.

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

That looks sooo yummy! I can almost smell it LOL!

I'm following from the hop. ;)

Brownieville Girl said...

Prawn soup - it doesn't get any better than this!!

Miss Sara said...

Looks great & easy to make. Thank you! :D

Amanda said...

This looks so good! I just got a slow cooker for Christmas, but haven't used it yet. I think it's time to put it to use :)

Kelli said...


Checking you out and following you from the Crazed Fans Blog hop weekend.

Hope you do the same.