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Eat this blog it may provide you with more nutrition than you can get from most fast food restaurants. America loves fast food! Who can blame us? In our day-to-day rush it’s so easy to pull up to a magic window that provides you with food to go. All we do is speak into a clown’s head and taa daa, food ! But what are we eating? Salt, fats, carbohydrates, calories, lots of calories! Should we be armed with the knowledge of the foods nutritional content when we read from the menu? Why not? Knowledge is power.

There’s a fast food restaurant on every corner promoting their niche in our favorite foods. But, are they also promoting enlarging our population? Their inquiries of; May I “super size”,” biggie size”, or “make that a jumbo? “ push the hungry consumer to ponder, if only for a moment; do I really need to eat a burger that’s bigger than my head? Why then is the answer so often, yes? I wonder will the next inquiry be “would you like to try our “Gargantuan”? My thought on this subject is to just say “no”. Keep it simple. They may offer it in the larger portions but you can always say no thanks. Just get everything in a “regular size”. Your body will thank you for it. I will give credit to some restaurant chains for adding salads and fresh fruits to their menus. A few are even providing nutritional information. Why shouldn’t eating on the run offer us the option of eating a healthier choice from the list? I’m pleased that some of the chains are paying attention.

Ultimately it’s up to each of us to decide. Fast food restaurants provide a welcome option to many who seek a quick bite. I think every person has free will and if they choose to eat a mega meal every day for lunch, dinner, or a snack, then so be it. Just keep in mind that healthy eating and true nutrition fly out the window when you indulge at a fast food restaurant to often.

One more thought. Would a fast food restaurant that serves “all nutrition, all the time” succeed? Would they flop immediately when they offer to “biggie size your” tofu burger, or “jumbo size” your bean sprout and spinach salad?

Just a little food for thought.
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