Unusual Beauty Treatments

There’s a lot of buzz, or in this case, bite, going on these days regarding an unusual pedicure treatment. Have you heard about the carp (garra rufa) that nibble the dead skin cells from your feet? Yes, you read that correctly. You stick your feet into what I can only assume is an aquarium (I’m sure it’s decorated well). Then the fish (they have no teeth) go to town on your tootsies. This particular beauty treatment made me wonder what other unusual things were going on in the name of beauty. I did discover that some people are having leech therapy to cleanse and detoxify the skin. Apparently, by having several leeches suck on various areas of your body it results in clear youthful skin. I also read about a cellulite treatment that involves rubbing coffee grounds into your cellulite areas and then having the grounds rolled into your skin using a rolling pin. This apparently helps eliminate the appearance of cellulite. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve had any of these unusual beauty treatments. Or if you’d like me to add one more to this blog.
Remember beauty starts within!
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Sheetal Budhraj said...

hey that was interesting to read...never heard of a fish pedicure...sounds so exotic..yes i've heard of the coffee treatment to beat the cellulite, but fish ...that does sound like sumthin!

if u feel like readin sumthin wacky, u cud check out :


the letz has a 'z' in it.

Man this blog entry does evoke excitement, have you spoken with someone who gets this treatment done on a regular basis. Bet the toes would feel ticklish, with all the fish squirming around ! :)

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