Stockings a.k.a. Pantyhose

It is 104 degrees where I live, which is about 30 degrees above my comfort level. It is an unthinkable notion for me to even consider squeezing, wiggling and pulling myself into a pair of pantyhose/stockings in this heat. I will be the first one to admit that stockings help mask a multitude of imperfections. Not to mention they can be a great leg, and if they’re tummy controllers, figure flattering accessory. But, in heat exceeding 70 degrees they become your own personal hot and steamy sauna. Baking you like a sweet potato at Thanksgiving. Causing you the uncontrollable desire to jump, lay or flop into any available body of water. Then once you’ve soaked yourself down try pulling those things off! So, I choose to throw vanity out of the window. Dare I say it, “Go Bare”! I’ll leave the colored hues and silky nylon for special occasions, preferably in the dead of winter.

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Soyun Park said...

Your natural skin is the most beautiful comfortable clothing you'll ever wear. Enjoy being bare~

Stefanie said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Down here in Bama, we really don't need pantyhose...not even in the winter. Nice, huh?!..:)
I love your blog site, Ms. Katherine!
Talk to you soon..:)