Because of the Crinkles

Looking in the mirror this morning I thought of one of my favorite moments.  I am re posting this blog I hope you don't mind.

Over the Christmas holiday my  granddaughter  and I were looking through some old photos.
She came across my graduation photo (circa 1978 see photo) and I told her a bit about that time when I was younger. She listened closely and then when I was finished she said, “Grandma it just doesn’t look like you”. When I asked why she simply stated “because of the crinkles”.

The crinkles I asked?

“Yes”, she replied and gently squeezed her thumb and forefinger to pinch the laugh lines (crow’s feet) at the corner of my eye. “They’re right here”, she said.
I laughed so hard.
Then she mentioned the laugh lines on the corner of my mouth, and she proceeded to squish her face with great zeal as she tried to create crinkles of her own.I assured her that her crinkles

will come after a well lived life filled with lots of love and laughter.

I am so fortunate to have a face graced with crinkles. Because, it’s little priceless moments just like that one that makes every crinkle well deserved and worth having.

I wish you many crinkles!


Stefanie said...

Out of the mouth's of babes! That is so precious!! I'm proud of my little "crinkles"...I love to laugh and that proves it! Many more crinkles to go in life...for you and for me!

ShoppingKharma said...

I second that! What a cute story and I love your explanation after a nice long life! Here's to many more crinkles for you and for me!

Miriam said...

LOL, that is too cute!

Hey Friend! :) I just love your products and your blogs, so yep another award...the "One Lovely Blog Award"...check it out at

I hope all's been well with you! Happy New Year!

Duni said...

I am sure you look just as lovely now as you did then!
Your post made me smile.

greetings from Germany

theeclecticconnoisseur said...

So cute! You just never know what they're going to say next.

Karen said...

Crinkles are one of the beautiful facts of life! Wear them proudly, you have earned them! Kind regards from one grandma to another.

Kathi said...

That Is just precious. Thanks so very much for sharing...Kathi