Written September 2007

It's no big news to anyone that life is full of changes. Life can often blindside us with unexpected negative changes. Hitting us hard enough to knock our freckles off! The real challenge is whether we choose to see these changes as obstacles or as opportunities.

It's only human nature to meet negative changes with protest and disbelief. I've yet to meet anyone who screams out; "bring on the bad stuff!". No, no, we fight it! With our metaphorical broad sword in hand we are ready to cut down the source of change. But, change happens, and no matter how miserable we are, or how many, " why me's " are uttered, it happens anyway.

So, stop being so busy fighting the change and questioning it. Remember, sometimes it is through tears that we see the clearest. Maybe it's best to not fight so hard, just accept the things we can't change, and move forward.

Sometimes change is what we need even if we don't know it at the time, positive possibilities are just ahead.........................

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