The Marie-Antionette A Real Person, A Real Award

I am grateful to be the recipient of the The Marie-Antionette A Real Person, A Real Award by the lovely Jane Priser of: http://www.auntjanecan.blogspot.com/

I am thankful and truly honored by this recognition and I am in great company as six other blogs were selected as well (they are listed on Jane’s blog site). I intend to pass this acknowledgement on and I will soon post a list of recipients. Meanwhile won’t you please stop by Jane’s blog, I think you’ll be glad that you did.

Who was Marie Antoinette?

She was the Queen of France and Princess to Austria. Although most remember her for the quote “Let Them Eat Cake”. She was one of the most misunderstood Queens in history. Although her name is synonymous with the French Revolution, it was her loyalty to her home country of Austria and her country of France that made her a "stand out women". In a time when women were of little consideration, she made her mark in several ways. It is true she indulged in many of the luxuries afforded to her as royalty. But, later sacrificed everything for love of country. History now recognizes her more as a martyr. I encourage you to read more about her. Knowledge is power!

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Anonymous said...

It's Ambrosia from WOZone (not signed in)...I finally made it! I recently got an award for my new fiction blog, and when I put my list of recipients together, you'll be on it. Your blog rocks!

I don't know much about Marie Antoinette despite being a major history buff. I do remember reading somewhere that history had mistaken her "cake" quote, that there was more after it and made it very different...I can't remember what it was off the bat, but if I can, I'll post back on it.

Personally, I'm obsessed with Anne Boleyn, yet another misunderstood Queen. One of my best friends is obsessed with Elizabeth I....something about these European Queens from the Medieval/Renaissance period...LOL

Great blog!