Christmas Shoes

I turned on the light and threw open the door.

The closet was full from ceiling to floor.

My shoes were all lined up in nice tidy rows.

Some high and some low, and some even with bows.

They shined and they sparkled and were in all different colors.

Some even looked just like the others.

Today I will sort them and decide which to choose.

So I search and I sort and I find the best pairs.

I stack them on floors.

Put them in boxes, and on chairs.

I package them up in a box marked from Kate.

It’s Christmas you see, and it’s time to donate.

I give all year long and at holidays too.

So out they will go to be someone’s new shoes.

What’s next you might ask?

Well it’s easy for me.

The coat closet for sure, no one needs more than three.

Katherine a.k.a. Katie Corrigan
Copyright ©Bobskatie Enterprises-GoAskKatieblog/Katie’s Corner-all rights reserved


Cate said...

Nice shoes! Elegant, good lines and fit in well with the poem or rather the "ode to women"- we all love shoes.

Emily Retherford said...

This is an adorable post! I love it! Do you think I could write about it on my Blah-Zay blog with a link to this post of course!

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