A Cup Of Tea

Its tea time! Well, for me, any time is tea time. I think I started drinking tea at about age 5 and haven’t stopped. If you’re gasping, please don’t. Remember I’m from England. Tea is in our veins.
I’ve had a cup of tea every day for 44 years. I have been drinking it decaffeinated since 1985, but I still drink my tea. I drink it with a spot of milk, (Lactose free) and a smile on my face. I’m totally unleaded these days. So, no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no lactose! You’d think with all of those limitations I wouldn’t have to deal with menopause middle. But the one thing I will never give up is my tea.

I love to have people over for tea; I use my bone china tea cup collection. Everyone has a different cup and saucer. I have no two alike. It doesn’t change the taste of the tea. But, it does emphasis the experience. Drinking from an elegant gold or silver rimmed piece of Royal Doulton, Ridgeway Staffordshire, or Royal Ascot china, can make the most rough around the edges fella raise a pinky to take a sip.

I serve a nice variety of teas. My guests are rarely decaffeinated and I can serve everything from Green to herbals. I said once, “It’ll be discovered that teas heal everything”. Recent studies have proven I’m not that far off mark. My favorite drink has many health benefits, particularly green teas.

So, I encourage you to enjoy a “cuppa” . You won’t start speaking with an accent, and you won’t have a penchant for wearing large hats with feathers. But, you may discover a new drink that comes with other benefits.
The gathering of friends, the tastes of variety and the health benefits of tea.

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