Life’s little Disasters

My best friend, my husband, takes care of certain household chores in our home. He shovels the walk after a snow storm, takes care of our cars, and makes sure the trash bin is on the curb. He cares for our pet fish, which we affectionately refer to as “the boys”, and does several other things. He does all of these things without complaint and without the need for acknowledgement. I’m not bragging (well maybe a little) I’m just fortunate.

Caring for the boys requires siphoning out three quarters of the water from their aquarium in order to clean their watery habitat. Robert gathers together his cleaning supplies, a big bucket, several thick towels (specifically for this chore), sponges, etc. He spreads the towels out carefully onto the carpet under and surrounding the aquarium to assure to catch any splashes or drips.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon while he was in the kitchen cleaning the pirate ship he heard a strange splashing sound. He rushed to the aquarium to assure the boys were alright and soon found himself sinking into water soaked carpeting. The carpet worked like a sponge spreading stinky aquarium water in all directions. The siphon had fallen out of the aquarium and had been siphoning all of the water onto the carpet. The bucket had only a few drops in it. Panic ensued. Several days later, professional cleaning tools and carpet removal soon made the watery disaster a memory.

The boys are now comfortable in their new surroundings in the dining room (no carpet). We are grateful the damage was not to severe and we are even more grateful the boys did not make their way onto the carpet along with the water. We laugh on occasion when recalling this lesson learned as we look at the empty area in the living room where the aquarium once stood. We discuss the good fortune that our fish did not make it onto the carpet with the water…………………… because, honey, fish can’t swim on carpet!

We have to laugh at such things because life is full of little disasters.
Do you have an aquarium tale, a lesson learned? I’d love to hear from you.

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Lin said...

No tales, just cracked up a bit. I dread the tank cleaning and all the mess. Our gang is just in the house for the winter--they go out into the no-hassle pond in the warmer months. I can't wait to get them out there!