A Peaceful Place

One of my favorite vacation destinations is the Oregon coast, specifically Cannon Beach. It is a quiet little seaside community filled with artists, restaurants and calm. Absolute perfection! A familiar site from films and landscapes can be found there, Haystack rock.

My husband and I enjoy tide pooling. So we take the five minute trip from Cannon Beach to the local National Park. We wait patiently, for the tide to go out. I meditate while my husband wanders the shore line. We watch surfers of all ages ride the waves. We look for sand dollars and abandoned shells along the beach and we sit on our blanket with our toes digging into the sand.

The warmth of the day begins to fade as the tide finally makes its way out. Revealing amazing sea life close enough to touch ( do not touch) starfish, anemones of bright green and yellow, jelly fish and little tiny crabs, all waiting for the tide to once again return them to the water. Carefully we watch these amazing creatures and grin ear to ear as we climb like young children carefully on the rocks and jump across puddles. It is truly a peaceful place.

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Thom said...

You can't be too bad if you like the Oregon Coast. I am a native Oregonian and I love it.....but, don't tell everybody because they will want to move here. You have a very nice blog and I wish the best to you and your family!

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Audrey said...

Wonderful pics. I so need a vacation, and the beach sounds wonderful.