I love to enter contests! If there’s a contest, giveaway, sweepstakes or opportunity to win anywhere, I'm all over it! Lotteries too, although I have to take a day trip out of the state to buy a ticket. I’ve won several contests and lost more than I could ever count. But, the old saying "you have to be in it to win it" is a statement I declare often.

Once a week I sit at the dining room table to fill in the forms cut off of the back of cereal boxes, or magazines, to lick and stick stamps, and scratch off "maybe you're a winner" boxes. I use my trusty magnifying glass to read the rules printed in such small print, only fairies could have written them. I meticulously fill in every section. You see, the importance of following the rules to the letter determine if your entry goes into the box of maybe there's a winner or the box of, she used blue ink instead of black, "she's out". Thank you Heidi Klum (I hear her voice when I say that.)

I take the completed entries, place a stamp on the envelopes, rub a little luck on them, and drop them into the dark abyss of the corner mailbox. Then I put them out of my mind. It's done, I've sent my entries out into the contest world and the rest is up to fate.

So, being an avid contest entrant I thought why not create a giveaway ( contest) of my own. That's right I'm HAVING A Giveaway!!!! It's so easy to enter just Go To my website GoAskKatie.com and click on the entry area. Simple as that, there isn’t anything to cut, glue, stick, scratch, or mail. Just click. Good Luck!

Remember you have to be in it to win it!

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Laane said...

Well, I'm not always in contests and give-aways.
Most of the times there are so many rules and regulations, and when I've chewed it all there's at the bottom of the blogpost in tiny letters: USA only.

So even when I wasn't in, I feel thrown out.

Audrey said...

I've entered so many give aways - it's crazy!! Have managed to win a few too.
Thanks so much for following my blog - I'm following you now too.

Off to check out your give away!