My Favorite Season

My favorite season is here! I have been excitedly awaiting crisp mornings, wearing sweaters, colorful leaves, and cool breezes. I love the romance of the season. Yes, romance. Long walks holding hands with my best friend ( husband), my furry mitten in his leather glove, walking along paths carpeted with colorful crunchy leaves. It’s romantic!

I recently read an article that declared that people who prefer Autumn are: Multi Faceted Multi-Taskers. Well that is certainly true, I’m a woman, it’s genetic you know!

Spring lovers are: Diligent Optimists, wait I’m that too!

Summer: Adaptable Extroverts….ummmm that’s me too!

Winter Lovers: Blue’s Proof Nurturers…. Okay…so that’s me too.

Well maybe the article wasn’t that accurate. But, yippee my favorite season is here! What’s your favorite season?

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Gin said...

If I live in a country with 4 seasons, autumn will definitely be my favorite as well. There's something about the colors of autumn that just relaxing and romantic. :)

Lin said...

FALL!! I love the colors, smells, the cool crisp air...


Lovely blog Katie! Your blog is a nice place to visit!I live in the South of Spain, here the weather is warm all the year. Today the weather's good, at temperature of 26 degrees. I'll visit you again. Have a lovely day!

*nw mama* said...
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*nw mama* said...

oops, i realized what i said made absolutely no sense :-P

I love fall! Love all the colors and the falling leaves. I love how its not to cold or to warm. Its the perfect season!