Happy Birthday

Ah, birthdays, an annual celebration of our birth often acknowledged by friends and family with parties, presents, and lots of laughter. When I was young I would look forward to birthday parties, to playing games and eating cake. I loved playing wonderful games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs. Birthday parties gave unspoken permission to laugh loudly and act silly. All of the children would eat cake until their tongues turned the color of the frosting and we would all go home with tummy aches and goodie bags.

Now I watch my grandchildren as they play rock band and electronic games. But, the cake eating and celebration remains the same.

I’m older now and it’s no longer about parties and cake. But, it is definitely about the celebration. Quietly celebrated, or shared with friends and family. It is still about the celebration. I celebrate and give thanks for another glorious year here. It’s my birthday today and it’s all about gratitude. I will have a joyous celebration of all of the blessings in my life. Of challenges met and memories made. A glorious celebration of a year of burdens lifted and carried. A truly joy filled day of thanks for everything that makes my life what it is.
So, please join me as I raise my glass to You and say Thank You. Thank you for your love, your friendship, your kindness and your participation in my life. Thank you, I am truly grateful and blessed by You.

I hope to say it all again next year too! Happy Birthday to me!

Born in England Nov 1st 1960.
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Christina Colwell said...

HI Katie...I remember reading that Polka Dots was "fading". I would be happy to exchange widgets. Have never done a widget exchange but certainly need to get the "marketing" hat on. It is a strain managing multiple blogs. I wish I knew a way to just merge them.

Den Ramonal writes... said...

Hi Katie...first of all, Happy Birthday...second, it is true that our way of celebrating birthdays change as we grow older but it is still 'celebrating' otherwise...the most important thing is, we are happy. best regards.

Hot Rocks said...

Happy Belated birthday...I agree it definitely is about the celebration as we get older!

born in England, Dec 7 1958!!

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Jen from
God's Shining Stars