Holiday Posting Continues with My Christmas Shoes

I'm continuing my Christmas Holiday posting by re-posting my Christmas Shoes poem, I hope you like it.

My Christmas Shoes

I turned on the light and threw open the door.
The closet was full from ceiling to floor.
My shoes were all lined up in nice tidy rows.
Some high and some low, and some even with bows.
They shined and they sparkled and were in all different colors.
Some even looked just like the others.
Today I will sort them and decide which to choose.
So I search and I sort and I find the best pairs.
I stack them on floors.
Put them in boxes, and on chairs.
I package them up in a box marked from Kate.
It’s Christmas you see, and it’s time to donate.
I give all year long and at holidays too.
So out they will go ,to be someone’s new shoes.
What’s next you might ask?
Well it’s easy for me.
The coat closet for sure, no one needs more than three.

Katherine( a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan

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Travel Nurse Extraordinaire said...

I love it and what a great message! I also love the pic. I have a thing for red patent leather but i only own one pair of them not four. Lol

Rebecca said...

I'm really not all that into shoes, Just give me a pair that fits and doesn't hurt my feet......

BUT, last night I had a dream that Ann Taylor sent me a single left shoe. Said I could try it out and if I liked it I could buy it along with its match for just $40,000!

Well, I ended up wearing this shoe (my normal tennis shoe on the other foot)to the train store and took a trip on the train and I ended up getting soot on the shoe from Ann Taylor and I was worried about giving it back. I was thinking they would make me buy it.

Crazy dream

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

While I can't relate to shoes, hope to you hit 1000 followers very soon!

Krista said...

What a sweet poem, it was so fun to read! Oh and YAY to giveaways! :o)

Cookie said...

I like the red one with a bow, Katie! hehehe... Be blessed always!

Chatty Crone said...

I love your poem, the picture, the red shoes, and the message. sandie

Betsy said...

haha...oh, that is a cute poem! I just tried on a pair of red shoes the other day...need to go back and get them!

Jacqui said...

Oh, do I love those shoes!! Red is my favourite colour. Lovely message, thank you Kate

Createology said...

How clever of you to write such a perfect and fun poem that results in generous giving to charity. Love it...

Hampton said...

hi katie thanks for visiting hampton hostess today--now you only need 7! stop by soon, best barbara

Carol said...

Great poem. I love donating at Christmas mostly, but through the year is also fofilling. Have a great day dear friend. Love the shoe picture, are those yours?

Anne at Oh My Yes! said...

Hello Katherine! Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower -- I am now following you as well! Love the Christmas shoes post!! Anne

Anonymous said...

What a cute poem! Found you from the Friday blog hop.

Vic said...

Oh how i love you and this post! here's to pretty shoes for all us ladies and that 1000 member:) xoxo

i know...i can follow under my twitter account too! :) i'm on it! muahhh

Vic said...

somehow i did it more than once...go 1001:) whoooo hooooo congrats...enjoy the weekend babe

Skye said...
Following your blog!
Please follow back!
Skye from the Fabulous Friday Hop!

One Stop Giveaway Shop said...

I'm your newest follower! Found you at the Home Grown Families Friday Blog Hop! Would love if you would come check out my blog.

Tara said...

I am now following you from the Friday bog hop! I'd love to have you visit me at!
Have a great weekend :)

Oh Sew Good said...

I'm with Rebecca. I don't have nor need a lot of shoes. As long as the shoes I have are comfortable, I'm content.

Rebecca said...

Great idea-but not sure I could part with the glittery ones!

Beki Hilton said...

Hi! New follower from Social Parade! You can visit me at