Put a bow on it!

You know when people say "put a fork in it" ( it's done)? Well, I'm putting a bow on it! It just seems more fitting that way.
I am done chasing my tail ( I can't catch it!) I've been trying to let everyone know this blog has moved without disturbing the giveaway in progress and it has me shouting "Stop The Insanity" ( remember Susan Powter?).

So I stray completely away from my original plan to "double blog it" and I bring you this important message.

All new blogs are now posted at Katherine's Corner's new home.

How will this effect the giveaway you ask? It won't! I have all entries from this blog recorded already. Just click here to enter the giveaway and then please head over HERE to follow along with the new blog. So much more will be happening there!
Meanwhile I will continue notifying each of you individually until you all find your way to the new digs.
I think this will be easier for everyone.I hope you agree. See you soon!
With heartfelt appreciation and


Odie Langley said...

I was just over at the .com site and you sure did an awesome job putting all that together. Is there a way to get a sample of what Wild Country smells like?

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Will pop over to the other asap.

Have a good Sunday,