Pumpkin Patch

Fall is here and that means a trip to the pumpkin patch with our lovely grandchildren will soon occur. Every year we trek out to the muddy farm about 10 miles down the road. We wait patiently for the hay bail filled trailer to arrive. We climb aboard and hold on for dear life as the noisy tractor pulls the trailer through every bumpy bit of the farm. Each of us clinging tightly to each other as we smile and shake like jelly sitting atop our hay bails.
We anxiously await the arrival at the pumpkin filled field. Brightly colored orange gourds beacon us as we maneuver through the muddy field filled with future jack o lanterns. Each of us begins searching through miles of squash in hopes of finding the perfect one for carving. Our granddaughter Mckenna is a tiny little 6 year old and she inevitably finds the biggest pumpkin in the filed and declares it her own. We enlist the aid of a fork lift, well actually grandpa’s arms, to load it onto the trailer. Our oldest granddaughter Savannah (9) always seems to gravitate to the odd shaped ones. Our other two other grandchildren (Emma 5 and Noah almost 2) prefer the little pumpkins that they’d rather paint than carve. Oh, I just can’t wait to make the trip to the pumpkin patch this season.
Happy Fall everyone!

P.S. The light colored pumpkins are easier to carve. Try applying a coat of petroleum jelly to the carved edges to help keep them from drying out. If your jack o lantern starts to shrivel, try soaking it in a bucket of cold water over night to revive it. Try using a flameless candle( battery powered) to light your jack o lantern .
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Stefanie said...

That is a great tradition you have with your grandchildren. Spending time with them and making lifelong memories. That's what it's all about! I hope that y'all have a grand 'ol time out in the pumpkin patch! It sure sounds fun!! (My boys love it, too!)

Karen said...

We can't grow pumpkins around here so I don't get the privilege of taking my grandchildren to a pumpkin patch, not a real one anyway. I am sure the children love to pick out their own pumpkins, bring them home and choose a face to carve. What wonderful memories for them and you. I just love Fall!