Tooting My Own Horn

I’m dedicating this blog to: “Tooting My Own Horn” “Banging My Drum” and “Shouting Out Loud”. I declare today the day I announce my venture into the world of online sales. Not just any online sales…… but a shop called Polka Dots. Where I’m selling handmade items! That’s right handmade. Not mass produced, not manufactured in a factory, made with care, imagination and enthusiasm by my own hands!

I love the idea of buying and selling handmade things. Supporting artists and crafters, sharing in creativity and talent, it’s a wonderful idea. There is a great community of artists and crafters just waiting for you to discover them. I look forward to having our items discovered! I’m making lovely, useful, fun and practical items to give and to get. You’ll find lovely things just for you, to give to someone else, and for your home. All at our online shop.I have been making jewelry and crafts for many years. I also make soaps and home décor. I’ve been very busy creating.

I’m hoping this blog will help get the word out and maybe that some of you will take the time to visit our shop and to also tell your friends.

I’ve made soap, framed art, jewelry, greeting cards, posters, totes and bookmarks. I’m adding new things often. My fingers are sore and my eyes are blurry. But my enthusiasm is high!
My daughter has decided to add her talents to the store too. She makes adorable diaper cakes and charming wash cloth flower arrangements. They look good enough to eat!

So excuse this rather self indulgent blog. I do hope you’ll visit our shop and that perhaps you’ll even make a purchase. We’re counting on word of mouth advertising.
Where can you find all of the wonderful things we’ve created? Just go to…………………..

I look forward to hearing from you; I’d love to know what you think of the things we have for sale. Wish us luck and thanks for spreading the word!

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Judy Evans said...

You Go Girl!!!! Handmade is the best, and welcome to etsy! Good Luck - your things are beautiful.

TSB said...

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FairyJane said...

Handmade is the way to go. I dont support factory made corporate stuff anymore! I love your blog. And now I am going to see your shop!

Miriam said...

Hi Katie. I was just awarded with a great blog award and am passing it on to a few of my favorite blogs. I think you blog & store are both great, so you're one of the awardees. Check out my post:


Doreen Payne said...

your shop has lots of nice things in it