The Joys of Being a Biblioholic

Hello, my name is Katherine and I am a Biblioholic! I am a reader, lover, collector, admirer and on occasion, writer of books.

I stand before you today to express my sincere pleasure and satisfaction in the discovering, reading and collecting of books. Not just any books, I do not randomly purchase books. I seek them out, I discover them through varying means.
I choose books with topics I have an interest in, or with appealing storylines or subjects. I choose books that will inspire me, or teach me. I choose memoirs, autobiographies, or biographies that I can read slowly and I consume every word as I learn about the author or person of interest.The joys of unleashing my imagination through a well written novel or creative sci fi tale are hard to express.

What brought this topic to my blog today? It was yesterday’s experience that inspired me to declare my addiction. Yesterday the library was selling books. That’s right, selling them. At deep, deep discounts! My heart skipped a beat at the news of a potential goldmine of literature waiting to be discovered.

Without hesitation we jumped into the car (my wonderful husband is an enabler of my love of books) and we soon arrived at the library. We descended the stairs to the belly of the library and I felt a pull , or a sense of urgency( if you will so indulge me), as we reached the library basement. I stood there for a moment and scanned the stacks upon stacks of books. Books on tables, in boxes, on shelves and on the floor!
I immediately headed to the section on art, could I be lucky enough to find my favorite subject, impressionist artists? Yes, I did! Feeling a sense of immediate gratification I knew my book search was going to be successful. My arms were soon filled with a variety of topics; art, enlightenment, Nicholas Sparks' novels, memoirs, and more. After about an hour of searching I gently transfered my literary treasures into a plain brown cardboard box and waited in line to make my purchase.
The cheerful librarian smiled as she counted the books in my box and complimented me on my excellent choices. Receiving such compliments from a librarian, a custodian of literature, is truly high praise in deed.

Drum roll please……..the total for my 30 pound box of literary treasures…….. Just $6.50!

My name is Katherine and I am a biblioholic :-)

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Miriam said...

Reading this post makes me want to go out and buy books and get back into reading. I can't believe the great deal you got for the amount of books, wow!

Miriam :)

Aunt Jane said...

Books! YAY! By the way, Dear. I have bestowed upon you the Marie-Antionette Real Pserson Real Blog Award. PLease go to my blogiboo to cpoy and paste the award to your blog and award others, too!