Christmas is coming Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!
I love this time of year. I’ve already decked the halls and joined the chorus. There’s no mistaking it, Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I have cinnamon scented candles burning and carols playing. I’ve hung the wreaths on the doors and filled the candy cane jars. Bring on the non stop Christmas carols on the radio and in every shop, I plan to sing along.

Light covered houses and school Christmas programs, soggy wet mittens and red runny noses, yes, yes, yes bring it on!

I’ve made two trips to drop off food at the local food bank and I’m gathering some toys for the toys for tot’s donation. I’ve made my list for my four beautiful grandchildren and I’m, ready to fill it! Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!

Merry Christmas everyone! Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukah and Happy Kwanzaa too!

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Stefanie said...

Oh Ms. Katherine...I'm glad I'm not the only one who is this excited!! I think you and I are running a tight race. I have had my decorations up since before Halloween...just my tradition I have had since I have owned my own home (13 years). I want you to enjoy every minute of the Christmas season and sing along to all of the carols, whether it be at home, in the car or the store...Have fun and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Lots of love & hugs!!

5erg said...

I wish there was more time until Christmas :D I wish I had more time to make presents