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An invitation from me to you...
I realize there are several social netwoks on the internet. The most popular being myspace and facebook. But, I created one ( with the help of ning) with you in mind.It is only a compliment to the other networks ( facebook and myspace) you may be on, not competition for those sites.

The “Friendship Society”

Is a free social network for building friendships in a positive community. It’s a place to meet friends and stay connected a place to promote yourself, your cause, your talent or your business.

I welcome your friendship and ask you to invite everyone you know.

Let’s build The Friendship Society together.

A free social network for building friendships in a positive community

**WARNING** I recently discovered there is an adult website with a similar name…UGH!!! So please enter the web address carefully!** Add the page to your favorites to make it easier to find. Sorry I had no idea.. It is best to use the links above.
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Lin said...

This looks promising, especially with all that is going on with EC. I'll have to check it out!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Just joined your site, Katie! What a lot of work you have put in...fabulous!
Thanks so much for checking in on my blog..I'll be checking back and visiting the FS!