Amazon Kindle

I love the idea of the Amazon Kindle. Having the ability to take several books, magazines and newspapers “on the go” when traveling is a great invention. Often times I fill my carry on bag with so many books and magazines it barely fits into the overhead compartment of the airplane. I smash and smush the bag until it fits in the required space while the line of anxious passengers wait impatiently for me to clear the aisle. A bead of perspiration forms on my forehead with the thought that I will eventually need to wedge my foot against an arm rest in order to get enough leverage to remove it when we land. Or heaven forbid, if I want to retrieve a different piece of literature during the flight.
If I were to pack all of my reading materials into my luggage it would surely take me over the weight limit every time. Road trips are just as bad. My husband smiles and grimaces when he sees me haul my bag of books and magazines to the car. He always manages to wedge it into the trunk somehow and he asks me the same question every trip,” honey do you really need all of this?” My answer is always the same, "of course, when else will I have uninterrupted time to catch up on my reading?" Okay with that being said….

For me, no piece of electronics, no matter how clever and useful ,will ever replace a book. The feel of a book's weight in your hands, the dog eared pages of a book marked with favorite passages, the smell of a dusty library book, or the feel of the crisp new pages of a book sliding through your fingers for the first time. These sensations could never be replaced by a piece of cold electronic gadgetry. But........ I do believe it is a wonderful compliment to your library and a very useful tool for traveling.

I will buy a kindle when the price comes down a bit, and I know it eventually will. I bought my original VCR for $550.00 now you can get one for 20 bucks! So I will wait patiently.

Happy reading everyone whether it is from a kindle or from a book, knowledge is power and fantasy lives in the pages of a good book.

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organize-n-mama said...

Mom, Love Ya. I want a kindle XO

Lin said...

I wonder how that is to get used to not holding a book. I would miss the pages, the feel of the paper, etc. Let us know if you like the Kindle when you get it. :)